Terms & Conditions:

Bookings and reservations:

Customers may make reservation in advance through Hostel Website, Booking.com, Hostelworld.com or in person (for last option need to live a deposit). We do not accept telephone reservations.

For reservations, customers’ needs to provide name, ID information, nationality and E-mail address.

Reservation may be changed by the customer at any time prior to arrival and the Hostel will confirm availability through customer E-mail. Our maximum stay is 15 nights. We do not accept reservations that exceeds this time. Customers may request more nights at any time during their stay, we recommend made it before 10 a.m. to ensure availability.

If the Hostel is unable to provide the customer with the ageed room on arrival, Explora shall locate another room of equal or superior quality in another hostel with no extra charge. Check In time: 2:00 p.m. – 14:00 hours. / Check Out time: 12:00 m.


Reservations may be cancelled at least 24 hours’ before arrival. Less than this time, customer will be charged with the 100% of the value of the first night. If customers had paid in advance or made a deposit, no refunds shall be made in case of cancellation.

If customers made reservation through Booking.com and do not arrive, the Hostel will charge a no show fee.

In the event of no show the remainder of your reservation will be cancelled automatically.

Groups (10 people or more) may cancel reservations 1 week before. Less than this time will be charged with the 50% of the total amount of the accommodation.


Rooms must be paid in advance on arrival and are non-refundable. Explora Hostels ask for a key deposit refundable on check out.

For dorms, customers can rent towels one time and can ask for a change anytime they need.

Private rooms include towels.

Breakfast is not included in the price, except for special negotiations, promotional rates or groups.

Explora Hostels accept payment by credit cards, debit cards, cash or deposit in our saving account.

Groups needs to pay the 50% of the total amount as deposit for the reservation and must be paid by cash, card or transaction in our bank account.


Explora Hostels reserve their right to accept or not customers to guaranty safety, trust and comfort to other guests.

The Hostel reserves their right to modify its rates for economics purposes and this situation will not retroactively affect confirmed bookings or actual guests.

The hostel will not share customers’ personal information with third parties without the consent of the customer. Data will only be collected and used in accordance with Explora rights and obligation with the Colombian law and principles of the international data protection.

Privacy Policy

In this website sometimes you need to provide personal information to make reservations, download information, contact the hostel, work with us or get benefits. We will not disclose personally information wit third parts without your permission, and we will use this data to provide relevant information about our operation, special offers or activities.

If you don´t want to receive our E-mails, please be sure to decline add you to our mailing list.

Related services and offerings we have in our website have their own privacy policy and we don´t have control over that, we are not responsible for privacy practices or content on those sites. Please, check their policies before you provide personal information or use the service they are announcing.


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