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EXPLORA HOSTELS, we believe that life is a journey, a path with no end, whose goal is to feed memory. We want each soul to be the hero of his own adventure, while being part of the journey of those he meets, and leaving a print over the places he crosses.

EXPLORA is a place that represents the fingerprint of the man all over the world, the travelers memories, the people and myths that had been part of this house, which made it, every day in the home of everybody. We deliver hosting services while building a network of stories, an thus, people, travelers who carry cultures that transcend time and space. We want to create a community of explorers, whose stories start, but don't end, here.

Come and write a page of your story, of your way through the world and the people you meet.

54months ago

The Explorer Manifiesto

1. We believe in people.

This a place with a deep historic memory, which makes us aware of man kind's interest in building its stories through experiences and journeys. We've created a place to make new friends, to stablish a link between our guest and our land.

2. We care about our customer.

Every person is whole different world. At Explora, we understand yo come to stay, rest, enjoy, discover, meet, learn, work, grow, achieve, smile and be happy; for those very reasons, we offer guidance depending on the interests of each guest.

3. Always one step further.

Patience, innovation and organization are our strenghts. We keep a close look at global tendencies, implementing good case practices and bringing them to our needs and goals.

4. Every day is a new day.

Because home is a place inside the heart, Explora Hostels stands for the print that each guest leaves in ours. For us, everyday, every person is an opportunity to grow.



Our House Is Your Home

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