Welcome toExplora hostels in La Candelaria Bogotá

Explora Hostels is the venture of five friends who wanted to develop a new kind of hostel in Colombia. After several conversations with backpackers that have come to visit our country, we found that many were not happy with the hostels Colombia had to offer. So we got together to think of a new way to approach the hostel concept and developed the idea of providing high quality services for a low budget, accessible to all backpackers. We kept in mind that a good night’s sleep helps you explore the city. All of us on the team have backpacked throughout different parts of the world and have stayed in some pretty amazing (and not so amazing) places. We've modeled the "Explora Experience" on what we like to encounter when we stay at a hostel, making sure we don't miss any of those important details! We're committed to offering a fun, exciting, safe and comfortable place to stay that we can be proud. Our hostel strives to meet international standards without losing the charm of our local heritage and that great backpacker vibe we've all come to love.